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Fascia Bowen is affective treatment for the suffering of acute and chronic pain. Neurological imbalances and Special Needs children and Young Adults.
                                     Remember Balance is Everything….
Welcome to your journey
for health and well-being through Fascia Bowen and Bowen Technique
The centre is dedicated to the health and well-being of it’s clients by providing alternative complementary health services in Fascia Bowen and Bowen Technique; aligned in the belief the human body has the ability to promote its own healing response when given an opportunity, naturally and through non-invasive modes of therapy.
              Complimentary and Alternative therapy for:            
  •     Autism (all levels under the ASD umbrella), Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, any child with special needs
  •     Acute or chronic pain                                      
  •     Musculoskeletal problems e.g. Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis                               
          Positive changes achieved from the inclusion of these techniques into your child's care. Levels of response to treatment varies from child to child as with adults with acute or chronic pain issues. Any improvements are a blessing in the quality of life for these children. The following changes are testimonials based upon parents observations of their children. There is a research study in the U.K. on dyspraxia done by Dr. Melanie Morgan-Jones. 

       ✶ Changes in hyperactive behaviour
        ✶ Improvements in balance, co-ordination, tics
        ✶ Some relative levels of muscular control in Cerebral Palsy children
        ✶ Better sleep habits
        ✶ Change in frustration levels
        ✶ Eye contact 

What is Fascia Bowen Technique?

It is a gentle, light touch over the skin and connective tissue.  Fascia Bowen is a dynamic technique developed by Howard Plummer in Cardiff, Wales, who has worked with special needs children with autism, cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, ADD, and ADHD since 1999. 

Howard has come to complementary therapies from a scientific background after many years working as a geologist in Africa and the South Pacific. He trained as a reflexologist after taking early retirement; over the last 25 years his reputation has grown as a gifted practitioner and inspiring teacher. Patients in a cancer self help centre benefited from his outstanding dedication, treatment and support through a successful school of reflexology he established and later with the inclusion of the Bowen technique.

Mr. Plummer received his training when Bowen was in its infancy in Britain at the European college of Bowen Studies. Since then he has focused on the Bowen Technique, which was created and developed by its founder, Thomas Ambrose Bowen. To that end, he established a free donation based clinic for children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism and other similar conditions. When the clinic opened in 1999 his vision to provide complimentary care to help special needs children was realized. Howard’s intention was to demonstrate Bowen's effectiveness in improving the quality of life for these children. In doing so, he inspired other practitioners to open clinics throughout the U.K. forming a body of evidence to highlight the suitability and positive results attainable. 

During the early years of the clinic Mr. Plummer true to his scientific background became fascinated with embryological development. In his eyes, the children were the teachers, showing patterns and trends in their conditions which highlighted the relationship between sensory, motor control and the connective tissue system. Through investigation and observation Fascia Bowen evolved into a successful complimentary and palliative approach involving a light stretch of the epidermis (top layer of skin) over the dermis; along with specific points of contact to effect muscle, connective tissue and fascia. Many practitioners have commented on how incorporating this approach into their work has had a positive impact, not only for the children, but has proved to be highly successful for adult clients on a broad spectrum of complaints.

Between his private practice and the work with special needs children has afforded Mr. Plummer ample opportunity to continue his investigations. It is his belief that Bowen is still in it’s infancy and through his training inspires others to take up the baton. There are now more than 25 children’s Fascia Bowen clinics through out the U.K. and demand for workshops abroad is growing as the effectiveness of this dynamic approach spreads.

What is Bowen Technique?

Bowen Technique is a dynamic and powerful therapy.   In some cases, will quickly reset how the nervous system addresses acute or chronic pain and health issues with gentle maneuvers across muscle fibres, fascia and connective tissue along with the inclusion of time sensitive pauses during the session. 

This approach provides the central nervous system (CNS) time to integrate the sensory information and can assist in getting the body to begin a process of change and well-being by aiding its return to a sense of neutrality or balance. Of course, every one is different and individual response can vary.

Below are (2), 50 second clips from the DVD "Interior Architecture" Exploring the Architecture of the human body. The fascia fibre which is a fluid rich tissue under the skin, also surrounds the internal structures of the body. 
Warning, this may be visually offensive to some viewers as it is actual video footage of the tissue itself.

The below video is approximately 3 minutes in length and a beautiful display of life in the making.


Resources for information:

Information regarding Cerebral Palsy                       

Alison Sanchez                                                       

Advocacy Director - Cerebral Palsy Group

400 Putnam Pike Suite J #242 

Smithfield RI 



Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy                        

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FOOD MATTERS, an online source for nutritional information  

There is growing interest in the link between autism and gastrointestinal (GI) ailments. A study by the University of California Davis Health System found that children with autism born in the 1990s were more likely to have gastrointestinal problems...

The information compiled  by food matters is provided as a resource or reference for nutritional guidelines. The effects of heavy metals and symptoms relating to autism and other disorders; may contribute to increased allergic reactions, mood swings, poor concentration, aggressive behaviour and many others. The toxic reaction from heavy metals can disrupt nervous system function, receptor sites in the Enteric Nervous System and other systems in the body.

Detoxification can be a very helpful adjunct to other therapies used to establish an improved digestive system and aide the assimilation of proper nutritional support for a child or adult diagnosed with AS (Autism Spectrum), and related challenges.

      Remember,  Balance is Everything....

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